TOREAL TRADE is a leading global strategy consultancy focusing on developing business with China and UK. In our view,trade is not only for exchanging goods, but also means innovation and management skill exchange .

We have a highly experienced team of professionals with successful track records in a wide variety of disciplines. We focus on representing, promoting and marketing quality brands.  We provide trading, distribution, finance, logistics, investment, strategic consultancy and project coordination services to both Western and Chinese companies and brands. We also provide interim management for a Western company’s initial operations in China and for a Chinese company’s initial operations in the West.We are now act on a sole agency basis fora number of some manufactories and brands.

The industries we serve comprise cloth and fabric ,ties and scarf ,kitchen appliances and accessories, etc.

As a catalyst, we hope your brand and company are successfully operating and developing in both China and UK.

拓瑞贸易TOREAL TRADE是一家领先的、着眼于发展中西业务的全球化战略咨询及中英贸易公司。贸易可以是实体产品的交换,也可以是创新理念和先进管理技能的交换。